Audubon YES is the Palos Verdes/South Bay Audubon Society's Youth Environmental Stewards (YES) Program,
which brings students' energies and idealism to bear on environmental needs of the local community, as well as
the Earth as a whole.

How does Audubon YES Work?
Audubon YES participants earn awards for environmental services performed for the community. The Activities
Page lists many things students can do for Audubon YES credit. These activities are sponsored by many local
environmental groups, not just Audubon.

Qualifying activities are listed in the Projects Page and the Activities Page, and are carried out as part of a school,
scout or church program. Students may also decide to work directly with Audubon on an activity they design.
Audubon YES gives recognition to the work students are currently doing. It offers additional opportunities and is
complementary with all existing high school ecology or service club or community public service programs.

What is an Audubon YES Award?
The Audubon YES Award recognizes students for their concern about the environment. When student's earn 100
Audubon YES Activity credits, they receive the Audubon YES Award, which can be used for college and scholarship

Two credits are earned for each hour of Audubon YES Service. Additional credits are earned when students take on
leadership roles for a YES Activity. Credits are not lost at the end of a school year, but are cumulative from one year
to the next.

Awards are presented at special award ceremonies. Audubon YES Award winners may also be invited to attend
Audubon or community events to showcase the important things students are doing for the environment.

How do I participate?
In order to participate, the student must be a member of PV/SB Audubon.  If the student's parent(s) is a member, the
student is also considered a member. Students, parents and teachers interested in finding out about the YES
Program in schools in the Palos Verdes and South Bay area should contact a YES Chapter Representative. If your
school is not listed, please contact Audubon YES Coordinator, Marcos Trinidad.

David Quadhamer, Audubon YES Coordinator    email:   phone:  (310) 833-3095
Audubon YES
Audubon Youth Environmental Stewards (YES)
If you have not been there before, please take this opportunity to check out one of the
great natural gems of the South Bay region.

Along the bluffs and beaches from Pancho PV to Redondo Beach, habitat restoration
has been under way for the last few years to reestablish many of the plants native to
them. This has allowed the
El Segundo blue butterfly to flourish once again in places
that had been lost to them for many decades. The photo on the right shows a female
ovipositing in a dunes buckwheat flower, renewing the cycle of life for this
endangered species.
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El Segundo Blue Butterfly
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