A hundred years ago, a popular Christmas season activity was the Christmas Side Hunt, a contest to try to shoot
as many birds as you could on one day. This doesn't seem like a very sporting activity to us now, and it didn't to
Frank Chapman, either.  In 1900, he organized a Christmas Bird Census in protest against and as a substitute
for the Side Hunt. The idea caught on, and this year will mark the
118th Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count,
with counts covering North, Central and South America between mid-December and early January. Mr. Chapman
would be amazed at how many counts and counters there are now, and could never have imagined that his
Christmas Bird Census that was organized for the love of birds and the excitement of friendly competition would
provide valuable scientific information about the health and distribution of wild bird populations.

The 51
th Annual Palos Verdes Peninsula Christmas Bird Count will take place on Monday, December 23,
. Our count circle is centered at the Palos Verdes Reservoir, and has a 15-mile diameter.  This basically
covers from a couple of miles out in the ocean (west and south) north to Hermosa Beach, Alondra Park, east to
Cal State Dominguez Hills and south to Los Angeles Harbor.  The circle is broken into 10 parts, and different
groups cover parts of it. We can use any help we can get, for any part of the day you are available, in most of the

If you can't participate directly, please let us know of any interesting or unusual birds you see in the area on count
day - or before;  maybe we can get someone to re-find birds of interest. We also make note of interesting birds
seen 3 days before and after the count (20, 21, 22 and 24, 25, 26th). Owl sightings are desired!  You can also
submit a
feeder report of the species and numbers of each you see on the 23th.

We can also use people who have boats or access to boats to cover our ocean areas!

At the end of the day, just after dusk, we will gather for a potluck supper and review the day's sightings. This is a
lot of fun - we usually see
155-160 species, you'd be surprised to see what's in your PV  "back yard!"  One
less-than-altruistic part of the day is that we have a great area with a variety of habitats, and can hold our own
against other Southern California counts!

If you are interested in participating, please e-mail
Dave Moody at dsmoods@verizon.net and he will connect
you with an area leader.
Christmas Bird Count
Christmas Bird Count (CBC)
December 23, 2017
Palos Verdes / South Bay Audubon Society
More info to follow !!