Audubon YES! Update
Excerpt from Hummin' December/January 2010/2011
YES News
Palos Verdes / South Bay Audubon Society
With the holiday season around the corner, please keep Audubon YES! in mind. There will be plenty of opportunities to give
back to the community—and some great events to close out the year in December, like the Christmas Bird Count. To start the
New Year, we will have tree plantings all over the South Bay.

If anyone is interested in more opportunities to earn some YES! service credit, please contact Marcos Trinidad. The PV/South
Bay Audubon would like to get several years’ worth of data added to an online program called eBird. This is an extremely
useful program in the birding community, and it would be great to have our information included. No experience is necessary
as we will train all volunteers.

Also, if any AudubonYES! members are attending the 2011 San Diego Bird Festival/Audubon California Assembly March 3–6,
2011 in Mission Bay, some of these workshops and outings will qualify for YES! credit; please visit www.sandiegoaudubon.

AudubonYES! is open to all student Audubon members and their families. If you know of organizations or areas in need of
volunteers, contact
 David uadhamer at   phone:  (310) 833-3095
Marcos Trinidad Named TogetherGreen Fellow
By Jess Morton
Excerpt from Hummin' October/November 2010
Our own Marcos Trinidad, who runs the Audubon YES! program, has been named a 2010 TogetherGreen Fellow. Each year,
40 of the nation’s most promising young conservationists are acknowledged for their innovative leadership under this 3-year-
old conservation alliance of the National Audubon Society and Toyota. TogetherGreen Fellows are chosen for leadership
potential, skills and commitment to engaging communities in conservation action.

Marcos has been awarded a $10,000 stipend and assistance in launching local projects within the many communities our
Audubon chapter serves. As a Fellow, he is receiving specialized training in conservation planning and execution. The training
began with a week-long workshop in West Virginia, completed in early September. The workshop includes the chance to work
with experienced environmental professionals and assistance with project outreach and evaluation.

It has had the added benefit of acquainting him with the other 2010 Fellows, one of whom is Los Angeles Audubon’s Stacey
Vigallon, and their projects. Marcos and Stacey are already talking about how their projects can complement each other.

Past Audubon President John Flicker has said of the Fellows, “Each of our TogetherGreen Fellows demonstrates exceptional
environmental understanding and commitment, combined with tremendous potential to inspire and lead others. They are
the talented leadership the environmental community will need to tackle the huge challenges and opportunities confronting us
now and in the years to come. These are amazing people who can help us all shape a better future.”

Half the Fellows are selected from within Audubon’s network of nearly 500 local chapters, centers and state organizations. The
remainder earned their credentials with other groups that help to broaden the reach of TogetherGreen conservation efforts.
One of the TogetherGreen’s goals is to foster diverse leaders and serve communities who have not yet been engaged in
conservation activities.

Audubon and Toyota launched the 5-year TogetherGreen initiative in 2008 to fund conservation projects, train environmental
leaders and offer volunteer and individual action opportunities that significantly benefit the environment with a $20 million gift
from Toyota to Audubon. For information on the program, visit

Hats off to Marcos for his achievement!
What’s Up With Audubon YES?
By Marcos Trinidad, Volunteer Coordinator
Excerpt from Hummin' August/September 2010
Now that summer is officially here, Audubon YES is eager to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and we have enough events to keep
you busy. On July 24, the Tree Musketeers will need volunteers for a street tree care project. Nature walks at the Ken Malloy
Harbor Regional Park are set for August 8 and September 12; help is also needed for habitat restoration on August 14 and
September 11. Join volunteers at the Cabrillo Native Garden or at the Cabrillo Beach cleanup on the first Saturday of each month
(students earning service credits need to make reservations by that Thursday). On August 21, Madrona Marsh is hosting a night
hike for the first 25 people who sign up. Please see the Calendar on page 8 for details on these events or write to me at the
e-mail address provided.

Currently Audubon YES is working to forge a stronger connection with the Los Angeles Chapter of Audubon for a combined effort
to educate area students about our endangered Snowy Plover. This collaboration will possibly include guided trips to Malibu
Lagoon and Cabrillo Beach. Our monthly Audubon YES calendar will keep you up to date on all these events. If you would like to
receive this calendar and be added to our e-mail list, please send a request to the e-mail address below.

Also coming soon is the new Audubon YES Facebook page. This page is currently under construction, so be sure to add us in
August. For now, feel free to check out the Palos Verdes/South Bay Audubon page, where information on area activities is
frequently updated.

We would also like to ask those students who have completed their requirements for an Audubon YES Award to please e-mail
me at the address below. Audubon YES will be hosting another award ceremony due to the number of students meeting their
requirements. Great work, everyone! We are scheduling the ceremony for September 2010; the exact date will be announced
soon via e-mail. Audubon YES is open to high school students as well as adult volunteers. If you know of any organizations or
educational/environmental efforts that are in need of volunteers, please contact me at either 323-945-4346 or
What’s Happening With Audubon YES
By Marcos Trinidad, Volunteer Coordinator
Excerpt from Hummin' June/July 2010
The PV/South Bay Audubon would like to say thank you and congratulations to all the recipients of the Audubon YES Awards: C.J.
Arnold, James Breen, Brian Chen, Alicia Citrin, Daria Clark, Neil Duprey, David Harris, Max Hawkins,Jenna Hoover, Aziz  Husain,
Vana Kawlakian, Jessica Landeros, Jillian Marinkovich, Matthew Oh, Purvi Patel, Bryan Renslo, Taylor Sillekens Thar Soe,
Tammy Takigawa, Brenda Tang, Michael Tsai, Taylor Uyama, Cindy Villavicencio, JamesWu and Clifford Yap.

Audubon YES had a busy April because it is Earth Month. Not only did we have the awards ceremony but also there were many
Earth Day celebrations. Audubon YES! members had a field trip to the “Nuestra Tirera” Earth Day Conference at Olvera Street,
which was a chance for South Bay students to see the birthplace of Los Angeles and to link the inner city community to the areas
where they live. The students learned how to catch rainwater, plant trees, recognize native and xeriscape plants and ways to
green their campuses and yards. The conference featured lectures by noted environmentalists.

Audubon YES is open to all, so if you know of any groups in need of volunteers,contact me at   
phone:  (310) 833-3095
This month Palos Verdes/South Bay Audubon would like to thank all the participants in Audubon YES and offer congratulations
to all the recipients of the Audubon YES! Awards; Nigel Amstock, Joseph Y. Cho, Minzee Choi, Annie Hong, Tae Hoon Jung, June
Kim, Brian G. Lee, Ji Young Lee, John A. Lee, Paul Lee, Joowon Oh, Sewon Oh, Heewon Park, Hyo Chol Shin, Nick Spadoni and
William Suh.

Audubon YES is in the process of making a few changes to our program. The YES program will now be offered exclusively to
Audubon members and their families.We are in the transition period of changing our info sheets and web site, so please stay
tuned to all updates.We will also be offering an “Excellence in the Environment” Audubon YES Award. This award is for
members who have already received an Audubon YES! Award yet who continue to volunteer and make a difference not only in
their urban communities but also in their natural environment.

It is also an honor to announce my Audubon/Toyota TogetherGreen Fellowship for 2010. My project will focus on Madrona Marsh
Preserve and the ecological association to Owens Valley, Calif. I will be working with Tracy Drake (Madrona Marsh) and Mike
Prather (Owens Valley Committee) to provide an opportunity for students to perform some important habitat restoration, birding
and educational research in the Owens Valley in addition to Madrona Marsh.

Audubon YES is open to all student Audubon members and their families. If you know of any organizations or areas in need of
volunteers, please contact me at   phone:  (310) 833-3095
What’s Happening With Audubon YES
By Marcos Trinidad, Volunteer Coordinator
Excerpt from Hummin' October/November 2010
YES News and Updates
What’s Happening With Audubon YES
By Marcos Trinidad, Volunteer Coordinator
Excerpt from Hummin' April/May 2010
The Hwarang Leo Club of South Bay has struck again! In the past couple of months, they not only have committed to helping our
environment in great numbers, they are spreading themselves throughout the South Bay. Their selfless service has included
habitat restoration efforts at Madrona Marsh in Torrance and Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park in Harbor City. The Leo Club has
also helped organizations, such as TreePeople, with potting over 350 bare-root shade and fruit trees on a rainy day.

Most impressively, 27 Hwarang Leo Club members completed the Youth Planting Supervisor Training hosted and taught by Tree
Musketeers in El Segundo. All 27 members have earned a Supervisor Certificate issued by Tree Musketeers and all participated
in the Musketeers’ Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting in El Segundo March 6.

Our hats are off here at Audubon YES to the amazing efforts of the Hwarang Leo Club! They are truly a model of what impact our
youth can have on the environment when they are inspired and engaged to take responsibility for our urban environment. Keep
up the great work, Leo Club! It is appreciated by many and the birds are singing in praise of your work every morning. For those of
you just joining the PV/South Bay Audubon Society, the South Bay chapter of the LEO Club is a division of the Lions Club, which is
dedicated to helping Korean youth find service opportunities in their communities.

We are excited to have such motivated members of Audubon YES and our numbers are growing with new connections made
with many different organizations. Our focus is to be of service to the various organizations in the Palos Verdes and South Bay
areas.We have recently included opportunities offered at the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy and will concentrate
efforts in the coming months to the GardenaWillows Wetland Preserve.

Audubon YES is open to all and if you know of any organizations or areas in need of volunteers please contact David Quadhamer,
volunteer coordinator, at   phone:  (310) 833-3095
What’s Happening With Audubon YES
By Marcos Trinidad, Volunteer Coordinator
Excerpt from Hummin' December/January 2009/2010
Since the beginning of the school year, my work as Audubon YES volunteer coordinator has been to establish new connections
with local environmental organizations and to reconnect with old ones.

The folks at the Bixby Marshland are happy to be involved with Audubon YES, while the Tree Musketeers, with whom we have
worked for many years, will be training our students to take on leadership roles with urban forestry in El Segundo.

A second group with whom YES has teamed shares the same mission of empowering young people to be leaders of
environmental and social change. Audubon YES! has connected with the South Bay Hwarang LEO Club, which will provide up to
60 new YES members. These members are already making a huge contribution at Madrona Marsh. The South Bay chapter of
the LEO Club, a division of the Lions club, is dedicated to helping Korean youth find service opportunities in their communities.

Audubon YES has also joined with TreePeople to do habitat restoration in the Santa Monica Mountains, extending the volunteer
trail work we have been conducting. TreePeople’s mission is to inspire and support people to take responsibility for the urban
environment, making it safe, healthy, fun and sustainable. It is holding a Community GreeningWorkshop in Torrance this
January, open to all. If you are interested, please e-mail:   phone:  (310) 833-3095. Audubon YES now
has 160 new members and continues to grow on a daily basis.
What’s Happening With Audubon YES
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