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Palos Verdes / South Bay Audubon Society
If you find a sick, injured, or orphaned bird (or other mammal) the Southbay Wildlife
organization can help.  Visit their website or call (310) 378-9921 for assistance.
What's it like - being a wildlife rehabber specializing in birds - and getting to know them
on a one-to-one basis? Ask
Suzie Glibert and she'll tell you first-hand.  Or click on the
book cover to check out her excellent memoir on the subject.
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Bird Search!
Search for species references in Hummin's
Birds of the Peninsula articles
Birds of the Peninsula Spreadsheet
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PV/SB Audubon Society
Visit All Best Binoculars for in-depth reviews and ratings of a wide array of birding
(and other) binoculars.
Bird Photographer Steve Kaye authors the excellent  Birds at Risk web link, which
includes some great information on helping endangered birds - as well as providing
samples of his stunning photographs of birds.
Four Awesome 10-Minute Movies from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology:
Fabulous Birds of Paradise Video
from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and National Geographic
Dinuk Magammana's Nature Documentary:  
Winter Magic at Madrona Marsh